Khamenei had previously called for all sanctions to be lifted when the final agreement was signed. As a sign of this agreement, the two armies presented a few days later an exhibition arranged in full parade equipment. At this point, the agreement will be « signed, » which will maintain Iran`s demand for sanctions facilitation after the agreement is signed. « I love the quick turn and all the adjustments that have been made to my email to make it sound very professional. Thank you! Today, more than 1001 people have had their English checked. Перевод голосом и болеее длинные тексты « He is very good. The writer discovered the mistakes that I overlooked. It`s a great experience! « Thank you very much. I looked for a real person to check my sentences💛 TextRanch deserved me a lot » « This is my first time using text, and I like how the editor needs time to edit my text. I highly recommend to anyone who has never used text before, you should give it a try. « Whenever I need an English text to be revised, Textranch is my online resource. « This is an offensive comment, because as a non-native, I really need a reliable assistant to correct my text. « I LIKE the idea of being taken care of by real people, not machines. .