The country/territory search also provides a series of wto background documents on WTO members` trade laws, policies or conditions, such as the trade profile, customs profile or recent trade policy review. The information is presented in the form of an « identity card » indicating all the information useful to a particular agreement: its signatories, the date of signature and its entry into force, a link to the website on which the text of the agreement and its annexes are listed, the WTO procedure that took place with regard to that agreement, etc. For the vast majority of ATRs, a list of the provisions of the RTA covered by the agreement is provided (a glossary indicating the approach chosen for each of the selected themes is available as a separate document). Tariff and commercial data obtained by the parties for the establishment of the de facto submission are also included in the identity card. As part of the transparency mechanism, members participating in new negotiations on the conclusion of an ATR are working to inform the WTO secretariat of these negotiations. Members who are parties to a newly signed ATR provide the secretariat with information about the ATR. Paragraphs 9 and 11 of the 1994 GATT Article XXIV Interpretation Agreement provide for a report on the operation of Article XXIV agreements every two years. Since 2006, the practice of bi-annual reporting has been abandoned and replaced by the transparency provisions of the transparency mechanism. The short RTA titles are not the full titles of the agreements found in the text of the treaty. In the short titles, the United States is replaced by « the United States » and the European Union by « EU. » Therefore, the user must search the U.S. and not « United » to generate a list of agreements to which the United States is subject.

The statement of facts is a document drawn up in full consultation with the parties, in accordance with Article 7, point b), of the transparency mechanism, in order to serve as the basis for the review of an ATR by WTO membership.