MEPs are concerned that lifetime leases make it more difficult to evict residents who engage in anti-social behaviour. Lifetime leases also meant that residents could have real estate longer than necessary, while other families were in need. The Director advised officials to visit residents every five years to discuss whether the property still meets their needs, and 30 families had left social housing in the past year. In the event of introduction, fixed-term leases would only apply to new tenants. A secure lease means you can stay in your home until you decide to leave or we take legal action to end your rent. Most of the new tenants in West Kent get a start-up lease. This should give you time to determine that you are able to properly manage your lease. The construction of temporary housing is organized in collaboration with the Sevenoaks District Council. While the homeless can benefit from this service, it is really aimed at those at risk of deportation. Lifeways will try to put them in this housing in the short term so that they are not homeless at all, and individuals can ask 01732 227000 for more information. If you already have a secure lease with a registered social housing provider before April 2012, you will receive a secure rental agreement.

Most new tenants in West Kent receive a starting rent for 12 months. This is usually converted into a temporary rent of five years at the end of the initial phase. We cannot ask you to leave unless you have broken the terms of your lease. The Director indicated that, under the Council`s previous policy, more than 2,000 applicants live in the housing register. Since then, the Commission had introduced the requirement to show a local connection and there was no longer an open registry, which reduced this number to about 560. There were about 470 vacancies per year and 300 for Sevenoaks. Therefore, some properties were not demanding enough strong enough and it might be slow that they are leased. This was a new problem since the change in the Council`s allocation policy and would be reviewed in a review. If you move into one of our emerald houses, you will receive a secure lease. The organization will provide additional assistance to the client for questions to follow. Many people in West Kent need additional housing assistance, in addition to what is above.

In these cases, the team advises the client on their rights and helps them apply for other benefits when needed. We will be talking to you throughout the initial phase to ensure that you have managed your lease correctly. We talk with you: there are different types of rental, and your rights as a tenant depend on the type of agreement you have. Here`s what you need to know about the types of leases we offer and how it affects you. If you are unsure of the type of lease you have, it is written on your contract, or you can contact us to find out. Assisted housing is for people in West Kent with a mental illness or disability. There are a few main residences that are used for this, and they include Mill Road, Hawley Dunton Green and Miadstone Mental Health. Whether you`re moving to your West Kent home or living there for years, you`ll find on these pages all the information you need about your lease and West Kent, from paying your rent to what happens when you move. A start-up lease is usually granted for 12 months. This can be extended to 18 months or terminated after six months if you do not manage your lease properly. Lifeways will focus on different needs. There are support housing for people with disabilities and a crisis team working with tenants threatened by homelessness.

On the contrary, the agency will keep the tenant first and foremost in its current tenancy agreement.