Level I – Send a notice to the tenant at vacate: An eviction notice must be filed with a competent court, in which the reason for the eviction and the time and the date on which the tenant must evacuate the property and then sent to the tenant to evacuate the rented property. The landlord must give the tenant a reasonable amount of time to evacuate the apartment. In most cases, tenants leave the rented premises after receiving legal advice from the court. My mother-in-law has two daughters and a house. There`s a tenant who`s been living for 30 years. He gives trouble, does not pay rent for two years (only 2000/- instead of 5000) and does not cooperate. We want to chase him away. Please propose the measures. Your landlord cannot simply go to rented premises without notice or notification. Even with the application of the rental and licensing system, it is still difficult for a landlord to protect its property from unwanted tenants.

Even if contracts are enforceable in court, effective enforcement takes years or decades. In the case of a tenancy agreement of more than one month, the lessor cannot terminate the lease without reason until the end of the period. However, the lessor is not obliged to inform the tenant that he is moving at the end of the period, unless the tenancy agreement specifically requires it. If there is no lease, he can only be prosecuted as a house judge. The remedy for you is to sue him for eviction on the grounds that he is a infringer of your property. In addition, it can prove the rent by the behavior of the parties. If the premises he uses are commercial in nature, if he has received all the communications addressed to him and if the head office of his company is registered, he can justify the lease by behaviour and circumstances, in which case he is entitled to the protection of the Law on Rent Control. A tenant cannot do much against eviction if the landlord wishes to have the property for personal use.