« There is no agreement between India and Pakistan that the latter links to selling its salt to the former at lower prices, » said the MD, adding that « the gem salt from the Khewra mines is sold at uniform prices. But there remains a fact that Pakistan does not have its own brand of salt. 20, hard cotton waste cut or pieces no more than three inches in length 21. Cotton and cotton seeds in oil Tourteaux 22. cotton grains 23. cotton seeds 23. cotton seeds shells or shells 24. cotton silk and carpet for flooring 25. cotton rope and niwar 26, Parts 27. Cotton fishing nets 28. cotton 29. cotton 30. cotton textiles (grey or specialized) 31.

Handloom Fabric 32. 33. 33. Sewing thread 34. Finished clothes 35. absorbing wool 36, kgrpok, kapok seeds and seeds of kapok 37. Sunn Hemp 38. Unprocessed raw silk waste 39.

Cumin seeds 40. Castor seeds and castor cakes 41. Oil seed pies, all species 42. Guar seeds and their by-products 43. Essential oils 44. Shark liver oil 45. Methyled alcohol 46. Power Alcohol 47. Molasse 47-A.

Dhanicha Seeds 47-B. Chuna Khari Pearls 47-C. Eggs and Poultry 47-D. Books and magazines 48. Dried fish, fishmeal and sea fish 49. Crushed bones, flours and bone grains 50. Bone dust and bone tendons and similar items 51. Horns and hooves, crushed and unfed, including shavings 52. Honey and bees growth 53.

Herbs, raw medicines, extracts and indigenous medicines and medicines 54 Artemissia 55. Ephedra and ephedrine chlorhydrate, including crystals and extracts 56. Santonine 57. Drugs and drugs 58. Glycerin 59. Chemicals 60. PyrethrumZides insecticides 61. Saltpeter 64. Rosin 65. Gem salt and sea salt 66. Chromerz 67.

Plaster 08. Magnesium silicate (soap) 69. sodium silicate 70. limestone and limestone (only from western Pakistan) 71. Surgical Instruments including parts and accessories 72, Instruments and medical devices, dental and veterinary, hospital equipment 74. Rubber surgical products 75. Scissors, all species 76. Covered 77.

Household Utensils 77-A. Forest Produce 77-B Fresh Fruits 77-C. Green Spices 77-D. Betel Nuts 78. Aluminium, brass, copper and other metal products, all kinds 79. Material of all types 80. Machines and parts 81. Mechanical tools 82.

Electrical items including fans, etc. 83. Musical instruments including parts and accessories 84. Marble items 85. Ivory items 86. Wood brass and ivory 87. Handicrafts, all types 88. Embroidered items, all species 89. New and Curies that do not contain silver and gold 90. Gold and silver thread (true zari) and imitation items in 91. Kashmir Artware 92. Pashmina fabric and manufacture with or without silk and/or cotton embroidery Work 93.

Toys, all kinds 95, Conch Shell Products 96 Ded Shoes 97. Glass 98. Handbags 99. Peshawari Chappals with Zari and embroidery Work 100. Canvas shoes with rubber soles 101. Tea 102. Rice 103. Cookies and pastries 104. Bottle preserves and fruit, chutnies, cucumbers, cucumbers, jellies, curry powders and syrups 105.

Preserved frozen fish, shrimp and shrimp 106. Beer 107. Tobacco, including Virginia type 107-A. Betel Leaves 107-B. Fluor 107-C. Nylon gut and mono-filament 107-D. Live Turtle 108. Macaroni and vermicelli 109.

Sports items, all kinds, games, gymnastics and athletics, accessories and requirements of them. 110. Good for snowshoes and strings for musical instruments 111. Rubber manufacturing, 112. Rotin (tube) Furniture and its other manufacturers 113. Hurricane Lanterns 114. Pressure lamps, ovens and coat 115. Sewing machines 116.

Cadenas 117. Sanitary items 118. Ornamental tiles 119. Cement, Portland 120. Asbestos plates 121. Toilets and perfumery 121 Razor Blades 123, Spectacle Frames 124. Sunglasses 125. Imitation Jewelry 126.

Pen and pencil 127. Buttons (mother-of-pearl, horns, etc.) all kinds 129. Bikes and parts 130, bike tires and tubes 131. Paintings and varnish 132. Newspaper, paper and cardboard, all kinds. Gramophone records 134.