8. Inventory Management It is the sellers` responsibility to have their products available for sale on the first day of your 4-week contract. You can choose the products you display and sell on your shelf as long as you have agreed to our product line at the time of signing the contract. I had the opportunity to rent a shelf because there was nothing like that near me thought, but had my cards to post, and the trader display them, but in the end, everything decided to happen with them, so decided it was not worth the anger. Instead, they will sell land to suppliers of new products. Companies trying to open new markets with new food products are willing to pay slotting certificates to entice you to test their products in the market. Ask a new provider what type of market research has been done and what type of advertising the provider is planning. In addition, you can request a few free deals in addition to your rental fees. All of these requests will help you protect yourself from losing money on a product that customers may not accept. Once you have contracted your rental space, your products must arrive in the store that is marked with a computer code and reflects a computer code (which is delivered). You install your screen, store and rearrange it.

If you aprioriert a-con, you can arrange for our employees to do it for you. The disk space is available. Our computer system automatically assigns sales to your account, minus the percentage retained by Longbeach Craft Market. Your bank account is credited at the end of each month. All financial transactions except shelf rentals are between the store owner and the seller. Shelfgo.com not and will never raise funds due to sales that occur in stores. All sales and payment processes are agreed upon by the various suppliers and store owners. Shelfgo.com supports and will not cover the financial losses incurred by a user of the site (i.e. store owners and sellers who introduce shelfgo.com). Shelfgo.com does not guarantee any financial benefit using its website. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations, the use of cookies and daily files involving the recording and analysis of personal data requires your consent.

Your consent is considered valid when used and for shelfgo.com. I had six months of renting a table in a local vintage emporium and during that time two crystal bead bracelets were lost (probably stolen). The terms of the agreement were similar and there does not appear to be any repair for the stolen items. My advice to anyone considering such an agreement is to closely check the security of the place before I even consider it. Since my articles are all very small and relatively valuable/desirable, I don`t think I will engage in anything similar in the near future. The use of the shelfgo.com is at exclusive and exclusive risk, and any or shelfgo.com service is carried out on an « as-is » basis. We refuse any tacit guarantee, including, but not limited to, the profitability of your business and all the relationships created by the shelfgo.com software. We do not guarantee that shelfgo.com meets your needs. Terms of use: an agreement between you and Shelfgo.com to enter and use these services. In fact, branded item manufacturers can be insulted if you try to sell them space.

The idea here is that the manufacturer has paid for all market research and advertising, and you will benefit from these expenses by easily selling their products. Your unique code consists of three letters (preferably your initials), followed by three digits: z.B.