This agreement is a contract between you, as a customer or as an agent for the customer, and the company. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the entity and the client and replaces all previous and simultaneous contracts or agreements between the parties. The customer provides adequate and flat space of at least 8 x 8″ at the event site and access to a 3-speed outlet within 20 feet (along a wall) of the installation area. The circuit must be free of any other connected charges. Any delay in the performance or damage to the photographic cabin equipment due to inadequate power supply is the customer`s responsibility. A non-refundable down payment of 50% of the total cost is due when the contract is signed. The balance is due 14 days before the customer`s event. The date will be reserved as soon as the deposit has been received. The following contract and its terms establish an agreement between KAPTURE! PHOTO BOOTHS (Provider) and (Client – Fill In Below) for photo booth services for an event that takes place under (Location – Fill in Below) on (date – Fill below). This written contract sets out the written intent of both parties and replaces all other written and/or oral agreements between the parties. FILM AND COPYRIGHT: Photographs produced by the company are copyrighted and are not considered leased under the Copyright Act of 1976, Title 17 U.S.C. modified (the « Copyright Act »).

Photos can only be reproduced, broadcast or displayed if specifically intended. The company reserves all property and intellectual property rights, including copyright, on and over all photos and images that have been created as part of this agreement and the company`s services. After receiving full payment of the service fee, the company agrees that the customer obtains a limited license for the use, display and distribution of photos provided by the company to the customer. Regardless of the above, the customer does not receive any license for the commercial use or modification of these photos, unless this can be the subject of a separate agreement between the company and the customer. In any case, the name of the company is taken and credited in each photo created as part of this contract. Triumph Photobooth reserves the right to stop operating in good faith if weather conditions pose a potential danger to our personnel, equipment or customers. As safety is the priority of all decisions, Triumph Photobooth compensation is not affected when the operation is completed. MODEL RELEASE: The client reserves the irrevocable and absolute right of the company to use and publish photos with images of the customer, guests or event participants, which can be used for editorial, commercial, advertising, educational and other purposes, and in any way and in any way; Unrestricted changes to them and register copyright without restriction. The customer releases all claims about the gains that may result from the use of images.

The client asserts that he has received a type authorization from each of the persons present at the event, essentially in the form of this section, and, to the extent that such model authorization has not been obtained, the customer accepts that he will defend, fully compensate the business and that he will be free of damages, losses or liabilities resulting from the Client`s inability to obtain such a type authorization.