Word is pre-installed with great basic functions for lawyers who spend days reviewing and writing legal documents. When it comes to litigation, the judge`s lawyers prefer to use hyperlinks in their documents. The link between quotes and recording is a great time saver. Hyperlinks can also be useful for other electronic legal documents, depending on their use. Sometimes you should place an unnumerated paragraph in the middle of a sequence, but as soon as you tap Entry, another number appears. To correct this, switch the paragraph numbering by pressing the numbering button you used for the previous paragraph. (If you`re using the drop-down button, don`t select as a numbering scheme.) Unfortunately, the paragraph settings are not reset here. It is generally relegated to paragraph 0.25. Use the CTRL-Q key combination to remove paragraph settings, then re-formatting as you see fit. If you try to set up a numbering scheme to do so, you`ll notice that your number disappears when you press the ENTRÉE button to enter the text, or that the text appears outside the center. The next exercise will guide you by centering the text below a number.

If you frequently include these items in your legal letter, you should create them and keep them in your quick parts so you can insert them in two clicks. If you choose a numbering format or use Word`s default setting, you can not only view the numbering settings (1.2,3 or A, B, C, etc.), but also other formats such as intrusions and tab stops. To fill in the numbering styles of different users, you may need to adjust the list accordingly. If you use basic paragraph numbering at one level, you will receive a small dialog box in which you can make your adjustments: The numbering of the structure becomes much more powerful if you add styles to each level. The formatting models provide the formatting of the text, while the numbering of the structure provides the numbering format. Together, you can save a lot of time. The values of position number (here aligned at), input text and follow number with can be found in the Position section below. With multi-level numbering, you also have easy access to settings that control the type of numbering at each level, the characters before and after the numbers of each level (period against parentheses) and the list style (1, a, I, etc.). Anecdotally, it seems that even in a large law firm, there are usually only a few experts who have all the firm`s numbering problems to solve. Other law firms offer another level of simplicity with additional toolbars… in general, things are even worse for any document that has not been produced from scratch by this law firm.

If you don`t believe the complexity, please visit the Microsoft Word panel of experts, who are rewarded by Microsoft as « Most Valuable Professionals, » that is.